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with our Smart SeawallTM shoreline protection series of seawalls.


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Looking for a seawall for your property? Or maybe you’re looking to replace an existing seawall? Look no further.

The Smart SeawallTM Aquatic and Wave Diversion seawall solutions are customizable, modular, and are all resilient requiring minimal maintenance. You can customize electrical integrations, lights, railings, waterfront stair access, and more to create the perfect seawall to elevate and protect your coastal property. All walls also incorporate elements to help foster local marine habitats and minimize impact of coastal aquatic life.

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Smart Seawall Technologies, IncTM

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The Smart SeawallTM Aquatic and Wave Diversion Series are all resilient with minimal maintenance and have elements to foster marine habitats.

Aquatic Series: Intercoastal Sea Walls

Ideal for calmer waters such as bays, inlets, intercoastal canals, and harbors.

Wave Diversion Series: Coastal Sea Walls

Ideal for ocean front coastal properties with potentially rougher shores in need of additional protection.


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