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Research & Development

Gen 1: Smart Breakwall Diversion System

As I contemplated the shortcomings of existing seawalls, I wondered:
Can I create a shoreline system that works with the force of nature to protect and preserve coastal property holistically?

Click to view the design, development, and extensive testing of SBDS Gen 1 of Smart SeawallTM, which led to Gen 2 Smart Seawall Aquatic and Wave Diversion Series.

Employing my strategic and creative expertise, I invented a seawall system that embraces the beauty and power of nature and protects the shoreline in calm and rough water environments.

Collaborating with me was a team of experts, including a physicist, an engineer, an architect, and a metal fabricator.

We now sell Gen 2 to residential, municipal, and non-government organizations.

We executed a technical analysis of my new seawall design. Then, we constructed a true-scale prototype using a steel plate and an existing U-shaped sheet pile.

We installed the prototype in Lake Ontario, a North American Great Lake. The results surpassed expectations.

Seawalls need to do more than just hold back water.

Our patented technology absorbs and redirects wave energy away from the shoreline and back to its natural environment. In addition, our Gen 2 systems have aquatic elements to sustain marine habitats and create elegant shoreline protection.

Our Mission

To be the solution to the world’s rising sea levels.

Our VIsion

To provide the world with new ways of experiencing shoreline protection and  conservation while being a good steward to our planet.

Our Culture

To leave a better footprint in the world for future generations through creativity and innovation, while partnering with key stakeholders.


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