Redefining shoreline protection by providing customizable, sustainable, long-lasting seawall solutions. Our systems integrate utilities, enhance aquatic habitats and marine biome, and provide a luxurious waterfront shoreline solution.


Smart Seawall’s patented wave diversion design and technology makes our comprehensive seawall systems state of the art. In addition, our systems integrate utilities, enhance aquatic habitats and marine biome, and provide a luxurious waterfront shoreline solution for municipalities, residential, and the NGO Marketplace.


  • requires minimal maintenance
  • adjusts to rising water levels with modular designs
  • enhances marine BIOME with aquatic habitats and sanctuaries
  • modular system with customizable utilities
  • includes patent-pending wave diversion technology
  • accommodates integration of utilities, and more
  • aesthetically designed to accent homeowner’s property


The patented Smart Breakwall Diversion System (SBDS) USP 11072900 and patent pending Interlocking Modular Smart Seawall Diversion and Recreation System and Method of Installation (IMSSDRS) USP 17/864,243 redirects the force of nature away from the shoreline and back to its natural environment. It combines the best of existing technologies with new mechanisms creating a superior shoreline protection system for high and rough water conditions.


With over 100 years of combined shoreline experience.

Pepsy M. Kettavong

Founder and CEO, Smart Seawall Technologies, Inc.

Originator and patent holder of the revolutionary SST break wall Smart Seawalls. Kettavong has been an active visionary and entrepreneur in shoreline protection for many years. His goal is to partner with nature globally, creating harmony between man and nature starting with the world’s shorelines.

Joseph M. Marasco, PhD

COO, Smart Seawall Technologies, Inc.

Prior CEO and co-founder of profitable chemical technology firms, Life-Sciences executive with 40 years of successfully commercializing early stage technologies into sustainable businesses.

Tristen N. Short

Director of Business Development, Smart Seawall Technologies, Inc.

Lifelong environmental advocate and communication specialist targeting increasing awareness of our dependence on maintaining healthy coastal marine life.

Tom Pierce

Owner, Pierce Design Corporation

Industrial Designer working with Fortune 500 companies for over 35 years, taking projects from concept to mass production.

Carsten Thoermer

Founder and CEO, Aqua-Nautik Underwater Work, LLC.

Internationally renowned expert on seawall marine construction and design, working both under and above the water’s surface.

Bill Mulder

CMO, Business Development Director, Aqua-Nautik Underwater Work, LLC.

Seasoned underwater construction specialist helping municipalities and private clients battle the rising sea levels through sea wall repairs and installation of WaPro inline checkvalves.

Robert Harmony

Polymer Engineering

Polymer engineering, composite formulation expert solving manufacturing problems for Fortune 500 companies for over 50 years.

Kino Obeso

Vice-President, Dauer Manufacturing

Architectural and artistic lighting design professional. Lighting industry veteran with decades long expertise in commercial lighting designs across retail, hospitality, and consumer markets.

Matthew Pyle

Founder, MP 3D Designs LLC

FEA Analysis and Mechanical Engineering professional.

Jason Cottrill

Electric Engineering & Applied Physics

Electrical engineer and physicist with 20 years professional experience across Test, V&V, Reliability, Sustainment, and Applied Physics.

Jason Dobbs, AIA

Vice President and Partner, Pardi Architects

A licensed architect recognized for the design, creation, and construction of notable and unique commercial structures. Dobbs and Kettavong have been working together for over 25 years in various projects some of which are internationally recognized.

Shailesh K. Patel

Founder and President, Dredging & Marine Consultants, LLC

Over 30 years of experience in engineering and environmental consulting, developing viable projects for private, municipal, and county entities

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